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Nur 22 Settembre 2017

I'm very satisfied and will recommend …

I'm very satisfied and will recommend to everyone who needs proofreading and editing services.

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Jan Erik 21 Settembre 2017

5 stars: Excellent

5 stars: Excellent - Isabel did a very good job editing my paper. Thank you!

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VICTOR 21 Settembre 2017

Fast and reliable english proofreading

Fast and reliable english proofreading. I was very satisfied with the results. Would recommen it 10/10!

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KL 19 Settembre 2017

Toppen jobb!

Riktigt bra pris och kvalité på uppsatsen efter jag använt mig av denna tjänst. Jättebra!

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Vittorio Rossetti 19 Settembre 2017

Both documents were delivered ahead of …

Both documents were delivered ahead of schedule. Kristen did a great job on both documents - she gave us help well beyond the scope of the review, and clearly took time to understand the content and advise on the readibility of the essay.

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Anton Leber 18 Settembre 2017

Excellent work as always

Excellent work as always! Corrections were consistent and logical. Would definitely ask Keith to proofread my future works!

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Georgia L. 18 Settembre 2017

I will definitely use the service again

Ariel did a magnificent job with my draft, it was exactly what I needed sinec I am not a native speaker. The comments were very useful. I was impressed. To understand the level of work and detail, at one point one of my key references had a misspelling. Ariel spotted it and comment if it is a different reference or shall I change it. I will definitely use Scribbr again (and if I can, I will choose Ariel). Thank you very much, very appreciative of your work.

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Cigdem Yucel Falco 18 Settembre 2017

In general I am happy with the result

In general I am happy with the result. I would recommend the Scribbr to others. My only suggestion is that please add one more option on due dates. There are 3 days and then 7 days. If there is also 4-5 days option it would be great!Cigdem

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Benjamin 13 Settembre 2017

In general

In general, I am quite satisfied with my editor’s performance in the process. To start with, the editor respects the one-way week deadline and even finished earlier than expected. This is good news for students who cannot wait to have their manuscripts checked within a short time of span. Compared with other companies’ three-week turn-out of the text, Scribbr editors provide a faster solution. Second, the editor was kind enough to send her/his comments and proofreading after the first 2,000 words check. I really appreciate this! Normally you would not expect to communicate with your editor and can only accept the final version. But Scribbr gives you at least one chance to be able to address certain issues with your editor, which is definitely a good merit. Third, the editor proved to be competent in checking grammar mistakes and even commas, some of which I had not paid attention during the writing process. Better word choice and rephrasing make the text clearer and more accurate. Last but not least, I like the fact that my editor shared his/her opinion on finalising my thesis title and gave me some tips about the formatting of the text. For these efforts, I would like to thank my editor and can recommend Scribbr services to my fellow PhD candidates.

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Lei Guo 13 Settembre 2017

I think Patrick really did an …

I think Patrick really did an impressive work!

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Lulu 12 Settembre 2017

Great editing for PhD thesis

The suggestions Kristin gave were really helpful and the proofreading was perfectly done! I also got my feed back a day before the deadline. It is definitely recommended if you are looking for a PhD thesis level proofreading or editing.

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Christine 12 Settembre 2017

Express proofreading of doctoral thesis

Janneke performed an express proofreading of my phd-thesis. In spite of the almost 20,000 words, she managed to finish the job within 24 hours. This is ultra-rapid, and indicates that she is a talented editor. According to Janneke, there were only a few mistakes. Apart from correcting these and suggesting alternative word choice in several places, she improved the clarity of my document by modifying punctuation. I appreciated very much that she apparently even followed the technical content closely and pointed out slightly inaccurate or ambiguous information in a few places! In total, Janneke perfected the word choice, grammar and readability, and put some very nice finishing touches to my phd thesis. Thanks to Janneke's effort, I had a better feeling and greater inner peace when I finally handed in.

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Felix the Great 11 Settembre 2017

Awesome and fast service

Awesome and fast service. I outlined several problems I had with my work in the description prior to payment. All of these were considered and feedback was provided in an extensive and useful way.More than happy with the overall service!

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Olli Lainto 11 Settembre 2017

Super quick service!

Super quick service, thorough proofreading and great comments! Highly recommend and will be using the service again.

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Inger Gamme 11 Settembre 2017

Very satisfied

Very satisfied. Fast response and precise work

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AGK 10 Settembre 2017

Great job!

So sorry guys for not giving back my review about your work on my thesis directly after receiving it. I was graduating, finishing thesis submission, reviewing papers, finalizing my degree paperwork and looking for a job all at the same time :). I found a job now, and I am settled and one of the reasons of getting a job so fast is your great work in proof editing my Ph.D. dissertation. I am very pleased to say that you have done a very thorough and effective editing for my thesis in a very short time (3 days for 100 pages). Great work, and I already recommended you to some of my friend.keep the hard work!AGK.

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Leonidas Fotiou 8 Settembre 2017


Easy, good value for money, and professional!

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Krzysztof Krzysztof 7 Settembre 2017

Absolutely professional and swift …

Absolutely professional and swift service.

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Pschneid 6 Settembre 2017

Service was fast and professional

Service was fast and professional. Really helped me with my thesis and I would recommend it

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Anton Leber 5 Settembre 2017

Scribbr's reputation is well deserved

Scribbr's reputation is well deserved.Keith was incredibly fast with the editing of my master thesis and even finished editing early. His editing was very throrough (it took me several hours to accept the many changes he made) and consistent. Not only that, he made an active effort to keep my thesis interesting by avoiding repetitions. His comments for specific changes were not only made to explain his reasoning but also to help me improve my English writing skills in general, something I really appreciate.I had an additional condition for this editing job: My institution requires us to stay below a word count of up to 30,000 words for a master thesis. So I asked Keith to keep this in mind as well. He even managed to streamline my thesis and reduced the word count by 500 words. I also appreciated his personal feedback about my regular errors and what to watch out for. I even got a phone call 2 days after I received my edited thesis from the Scribbr team asking whether everything went allright and if I needed any help accepting the changes. Very thoughtful of them.I will definitely recommend Scribbr to my peers and anyone I know who needs professional editing services. Hands-down the best in editing services I have seen so far.Thank you, Keith and the Scribbr team.

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Guida tesi

Tutto ciò che c'è da sapere per scrivere una tesi perfetta

Come sai, una tesi di laurea triennale o magistrale non si scrivono da sole.

È per questo che abbiamo raccolto tutto ciò che ti serve nella nostra Guida tesi.

Esempi, checklist, spiegazioni passo passo… e molto altro. Ti offriamo tutto questo gratuitamente :)

La nostra missione

Realizzare i tuoi obiettivi accademici

Che si tratti di correggere tesi di laurea, rilevare plagi, generare fonti in perfetto stile APA o scrivere articoli utili per la nostra guida tesi – Il nostro scopo principale è quello di aiutare gli studenti a laurearsi.

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L’editor ha apportato cambiamenti al documento con la funzione ‘Revisioni’ di Word. Questo significa che dovrai solo accettare o rifiutare le modifiche al testo una per una.

È anche possibile accettare tutte le modifiche in una volta sola. Tuttavia, ti consigliamo caldamente di non farlo per i seguenti motivi:

  • Potrai imparare molto riguardando gli errori commessi.
  • L’editor non si limita a correggere il testo, ma inserisce commenti quando frasi o interi paragrafi non sono molto chiari. Ti consigliamo di leggere i commenti e tenere a mente i consigli e i suggerimenti dell’editor.
  • A causa delle numerose modifiche, a volte in una frase possono rimanere errori minori come ad esempio doppi spazi o doppi punti. Riguardare le modifiche una per una ti permette di individuare più facilmente questi errori.

Abbiamo scritto una guida per spiegare passo dopo passo come funziona la modalità ‘Revisioni’.

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