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Ottime recensioni

Sempre più studenti sanno dove trovarci. Le loro recensioni sono il motivo per cui lavoriamo sodo ogni giorno!

MP 16 Gennaio 2019

Helped me a lot

Helped me a lot. Will use this service again in future. Thanks

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Alina Teodorescu 16 Gennaio 2019

Amazing first experience, highly recommended for dissertation editing

I was unsure if I should use professional editing for my dissertation but I decided to use this website after analyzing carefully lots of options. Here is my opinion after my experience: Advantages: - Very user-friendly and convenient. You can select only the pages you want editing for, compared to other websites I looked at where this option was not available. You can add comments and requests to the editor. - Smallest price I could find on the web - The website has lots of useful resources to help you in writing so the editor could easily refer to them in the suggestions. - It was edited very carefully, until the smallest details, and editor's suggestions were very good. The editor managed to change the language to an academical tone, as I required. - The personal feedback was very interesting and helpful. - You can also find on the website clear instructions on how to work with the comments and changes in the word document after editing, presented in an accessible way. - I had the luck to receive my editing hours before the deadline which allowed me enough time to accept the changes before sending it to my supervisor - Overall very professionalDisadvantages: - None

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Yilun Zhao 15 Gennaio 2019

I got a very detailed and useful revise…

I got a very detailed and useful revise and comments from Scribbr. Thank you for your kind help!

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Mustafa selek 15 Gennaio 2019

Great editor

This was my first time getting an editor help. Andrew's comment helped me a lot for my writing skills. He seems to have a certain amount of knowledge on social science topics which made it easier for us to communicate.

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Gabrielle Ribeiro 14 Gennaio 2019

Excellent editing.

Excellent editing. I am very satisfied with the result

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YiJia Wen 14 Gennaio 2019

Thank you for Anna's great revision

Thank you for Anna's great revision. Anna pointed out my mistakes in research writing and the suggestions are really helpful. I am working on the graduate application, my materials become more professional now. Thank you, Scribbr!!

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Sermo 14 Gennaio 2019

Bästa som finns

Rekommenderar starkt! Synd att jag upptäckte dem under min sista uppsats

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Tomoko 14 Gennaio 2019

proofreading service

I used their proofreading service for my writings (American English) in PhD level psychology which were quite technical. The editor clearly knew all the terminologies and the APA style in addition to general academic writing. This particular editor was precise yet always finished ahead of the deadlines. Also, I think the price is reasonable. So five stars.

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HJdV 13 Gennaio 2019

Great service

Delivery on time. Great Service and thorough review! Many thanks to Shawn.

Leggi la recensione su Trustpilot
jesper 11 Gennaio 2019

Nice and easy

Nice and easy My experience was a first and I'm pleased with the result and the process.

Leggi la recensione su Trustpilot
YG 10 Gennaio 2019

Thank you

Thank you, Scribbr Your advice is really supportive

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Kevin Chiu 9 Gennaio 2019

2019 is my fifth academic term with…

2019 is my fifth academic term with Scribbr. Scribbr's editor Lora has been fantastic all along! She has been consistently picking up all my mistakes in all my essay papers. Needless to say, her comments transform my essay so well. I have total confident in this editor in three aspects: First, she has been consistently professional in her editing. Second, she has been receptive to what I am trying to express in my work. Third, she has been always returning my work ahead of time so that I have ample time to make adjustments before my deadline. For these reasons, my grades are much improved with the help of Lora. Thank you so much for this wonderful online teacher!

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Deman H. Najar 8 Gennaio 2019

The quickest and best service that is available even on weekends!

There are many available correction and scientific reviewing sites. What is unique about scribbr is the extremely fast response, the highly efficient staff and great level of communication between them.Experience: I needed my 16000 words text to be checked on a Friday and Sunday was the time I wanted it finished. Scribbr system can do 15000 words in one day max (as I remember). What they did is take my text anyways and worked on it in two days. Such option doesn’t exist but they tailored it for me. A professional academic english reader went through my work and came up with great help. She finished even before the deadline early on Sunday. No other service could get the job done so fast and during the weekend. I I will forever recommend Scribbr service for all academics, high school students, university students and postgraduate students. I strongly recommend Scribbr and hope they keep the same level of efficiency and help more writers in need.Regards, Deman MD. PhD. Student

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sani 8 Gennaio 2019

Good experience

it was a good experience and i got a positive response.

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Nino Paniashvili 7 Gennaio 2019

I am so happy with the service

I am so happy with the service! Jianyang edited my paper and even returned it ahead of time. It was exactly what I needed and more! Even little details were improved. It's amazing how much work was done in such a short time! It did sim quite costly at the beginning, but after seeing the results, it is money well spent

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YiJia Wen 7 Gennaio 2019

Scribbr is great!

Anna provided excellent revision and suggestions for my document, really appreciate the help. Love Scribbr! Great job!

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Xinchen Dai 7 Gennaio 2019


expect more comments on general writing style

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Gabri Christa 6 Gennaio 2019

An exceptional and professional company. Great service.

I needed an editor fast. Decided to take the risk and work with Scribbr, based on their good reviews and quick turn around time. This was truly the best feedback and editing experience ever. Jessica her comments were very helpful, also for future writing. I appreciated her personal notes, so when looking at her edits, I understood why sentences were deleted, why choices were made. In other words, in addition to having a cleaned up document, I have learned something as well. It also was helpful to have someone who doesn't know me or my work, comment on the clarity. I truly recommend this service and will use it again.

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Carlo N. 5 Gennaio 2019

The website is great, great service, awesome customer care!

I sent 2 essays. I received them on time and spent the right amount for this kind of service. The first one was edited perfectly. In the second one, the editor did not understand a key concept of my essay. Therefore his feedback and most of the modifications were useless. I was not happy with this and I sent a negative feedback. After 5 minutes only one member of the staff called me and found a solution! I really suggest this website!

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Tammy 4 Gennaio 2019

I'm working with scribbr for a while…

I'm working with scribbr for a while and very very happy with their work. Out of the many works I had, the last one was not good. I approached scribbr and they sent the article for re-editing work in less than 24 hours, that was so professional and smart! This is an amazing way to treat a costumer. I highly recommend Scribbr! Smart and professional editing.

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Correzione e Revisione e Analisi Struttura del Testo

Se scegli il nostro servizio di Correzione e Reivisione, un editor sistemerà gli errori di grammatica e di consistenza nella tua tesi, tesina o saggio. Inoltre, riceverai un feedback personale per aiutarti a riconoscere e correggere gli errori che fai più spesso.

Infine, puoi anche scegliere di aggiungere l’Analisi Struttura del Testo per ricevere un feedback sulla struttura e organizzazione del tuo documento.


Tariffa per parola

Il costo è calcolato in base al numero di parole che vuoi far revisionare e la tariffa per parola. La tariffa per parola dipende dalla scadenza che scegli. Inoltre, c’è una tariffa base di gestione di 15 €.

Costo per 8000 parole

ScadenzaCorrezione e Revisione+ Analisi Struttura del Testo
1 settimana95 €+ 40 €
72 ore135 €60 €
24 ore175 €+ 80 €

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Il processo di correzione e revisione consiste nell’individuare errori o omissioni tipografici, linguistici, di codice o di posizione; uso incorretto di parole o espressioni e incongruenze.

L’editor correggerà:

  • Ortografia
  • Grammatica
  • Stile
  • Punteggiatura
  • Uso incorretto o poco chiaro di parole e frasi

Questo renderà più chiaro e scorrevole il tuo elaborato.

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Devi presentare la tua tesi entro quattro giorni? Puoi scegliere tra la consegna in 72 o 24 ore. I tempi di consegna comprendono weekend e festivi.

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